The castle (city) is where players can upgrade technologies, artifacts, slowly level samurai, and gather resources.

Castle (Main building)[edit | edit source]

Upgrading this increases your maximum resource pool and your maximum energy (Does not increase energy gain rate). It also unlocks other buildings and raises your maximum building level limit for them. The castle levels you want to aim for are the following (excluding quests and support);

  • Level 3 to unlock ATK tech and DEF formation
  • Level 4 to unlock DEF tech
  • Level 5 to unlock Dojo
  • Level 6 to unlock HP tech
  • Level 7 to unlock higher silver gains and HP formation
  • Level 10 to unlock SPD tech and artifact leveling
  • Level 15 to unlock higher silver gains (50% effective increase to passive silver)

Resources (Wood, Ore, Stone)[edit | edit source]

These buildings gather materials over 6 hours, which are used to upgrade other buildings. Samurai placed in these buildings will increase the gather rate by 1 per evolution. Samurai level or rarity does not influence these gains.

If you do not expect to buy silver with Gems Or Gold then I highly advise you to NOT upgrade these buildings. The rate at which you upgrade buildings and tech will be dictated by your silver gains as you progress. If you find yourself stockpiling silver early on, keep it.

Residential[edit | edit source]

The residential buildings are unlocked at Castle level 1, 7, 15. These provide passive silver income over 6 hours that you must collect. These buildings should be upgraded as soon as possible as silver is always in short supply.

Dojo[edit | edit source]

Provides passive EXP to 3 Samurai placed within over 6 hours. The rate is fairly small and increases by a small amount per Dojo level. Effectively this saves you a few energy (Over 6 hours) per Dojo level.

Barracks[edit | edit source]

This is where you upgrade technologies. Level of tech cannot go higher than the Barracks level. New tech are unlocked at the following levels:

  • Level 1 unlocks ATK tech
  • Level 4 unlocks DEF tech
  • Level 6 unlocks HP tech
  • Level 10 unlocks SPD tech

Manor House[edit | edit source]

Increases your total samurai capacity limit (default is 70). Skill Cards and EXP Cards consume samurai space. Currently not a building that is entirely needed unless stockpiling Skill/EXP Cards.

Workshop[edit | edit source]

This building allows you to level up your artifacts. An equipped artifact grants a small passive stat bonus to your squad depending on its level. In addition every 10 levels increases the actives' power.

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