Basics[edit | edit source]

Each Samurai has 6 charm slots and any charms you find can be equipped to increases that units stats. There are multiple types of charms, ATK Boost are the first charms players encounter.

Each level increases the main stat on a charm and adds a secondary stat every 3 levels. Charms have a maximum of 15 levels. Charms only multiply stats from the base stats of a Samurai.

It is advised to use Stat Boost charms for your support squad before your main squad as you will gain a larger benefit. Also note that both set bonuses are applied together meaning a 4 set ATK Boost gives 55% total bonus attack.

See here for an indepth charm analysis (Thanks to Lilium).

Charm Stats[edit | edit source]

Chance to roll main stats on each charm slot.

Yellow 10% 80% 10%
Blue 80% 10% 10%
Green 10% 10% 80%
Red 30% 30% 30% 10%
White 30% 30% 30% 5% 5%
Purple 30% 30% 30% 5% 5%

Charm Availability[edit | edit source]

Charm Stage:
Monday: Dragon Spirit, Chase, Tenacity
Tuesday: Torture, Protect, Piety
Wednesday: Brotherhood, Counter Attack, Wild Blade
Thursday: Fierce Blade, Indomitable, Manna
Friday: Heroic Spirit, Reflect, Fame
Weekend: Random weekly charm

Story Charms:
Chapter 1: ATK Boost
Chapter 2: DEF Boost
Chapter 3: CRT Boost
Chapter 4: CRT DMG Boost
Chapter 5: HP Boost
Chapter 6: HIT Boost

Special Event Charms:
AP Drive: Purple Charm Essence
Raid: Yellow Charm Essence

Charm Types[edit | edit source]

Name 2 Set Bonus 4 Set Bonus Other information
ATK Boost 15% extra attack damage. 40% extra attack damage. Best used with samurai in ATK Support.
DEF Boost 15% extra defence. 40% extra defence. Best used with samurai in DEF Support.
CRT Boost 10% extra crit chance. 30% extra crit chance.
C.DMG Boost 15% extra critical damage. 40% extra critical damage.
HP Boost 15% extra health. 40% extra health. Best used with samurai in HP Support.
Protect 20% extra defence. 50% chance to redirect half the damage an ally receives onto this unit. Works only against single target attacks. Using multiple Protect 4 piece sets results in extra damage (damage is not halved again after the first time).
Reflect 20% extra defence. 30% chance to deal back any damage received to the attacker. 4 set bonus ignores all defensive rules of the attacker. Damage dealt with Reflect is also halved when Protect 4 set bonus activates from your ally.
Tenacity 20% extra defence. 50% chance to reduce critical damage by 50%.
Indomitable 20% extra defence. Reduce all damage by 20% (Except Abnormal damage). Total damage is reduced including counter bonuses.
Counter Attack 20% extra defence. 30% chance to perform a normal attack after receiving damage. Does not seem to trigger class attacks.
Brotherhood 20% extra health. Increase healing received by 30%.
Manna 20% extra health. At the end of the turn heal for 20% of max HP if it's below 30%.
Heroic Spirit 20% extra health. Apply a shield for 15% max HP after taking critical damage. Combo attacks only trigger the effect once.
Fame 20% extra damage. Converts 20% of damage into health.
Torture 20% extra damage. Deal 30% more damage to targets under the affect of abnormal effects.
Wild Blade 20% extra damage. Increase damage by 30% against targets with more than 70% remaining health.
Fierce Blade 20% extra damage. Increase damage by 30% against targets with less than 30% remaining health.
Chase 20% extra damage. 20% chance to take another action after action ends. Useful on most Samurai.
Piety 15% extra crit chance. Increase critical damage by 10% per friendly unit killed.
Dragon Spirit 15% extra crit chance. Restore 15% of max HP when the user kills a target.
AP Drive 15% extra AVD. 50% chance to recover 1 AP per turn. Event item.

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