Story[edit | edit source]

The Story is comprised of 5 chapters which are repeated for hard and nightmare. This is where players will, for the most part, level up their Samurai and gather Evolution materials for them. Each chapter has 3 elites and 1 boss node which can spawn hidden levels and/or hidden chests. Hidden levels grant a large amount of Exp, while hidden chests contain Evolution card shards (Note; Bosses are the only nodes which spawn hidden chests).

Raid[edit | edit source]

Raid bosses are spawned after clearing an elite or boss node in Story mode. A player can decide to attack any raid boss another player encounters via the Raid menu. If you find a raid boss yourself, you must attack it at least once before other players can attack it. Once the boss is defeated, all players who initiated an attack on it will be rewarded (There are no finishing blow rewards and damage dealt does not matter).

Awaken Dungeon[edit | edit source]

This dungeon allows players to gather materials to awaken Samurai. Only Samurai that have an unlockable passive skill can be awakened. 4 star and above Samurai can gain level 2 affection once they have been awakened. Awakening does not grant additional stats on its own.

Charm Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Charm dungeons reward players with 3 charms each time they clear the selected level. Higher levels increase the chance of better quality charms. You can see what type of charms drop while playing via the help icon in the charm dungeon screen.

Gift Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Gifts are used to increase the affection of your Samurai via the Flirt menu. You can clear up to 10 gift levels each day and it will grant level 1 or 2 gifts (level 2 gifts cannot be used to increase level 1 affection and vice versa). Each Samurai has a favourite gift which will triple the affection they receive from them (Not tripled from level 2). Each affection reward you unlock via gifting also grants gems (this can be repeated on any duplicate Samurai).

Arena[edit | edit source]

The Arena is where you can fight other player's teams (controlled by AI) and gain points for a weekly reward. Each week players will be rewarded based on their current rank and their points will reset to the bottom of their rank tier (see in game help).

Challenge[edit | edit source]

The Challenge dungeon allows players to gather Courage currency for use in the exchange shop. Each new stage grants a one time bonus of additional rewards. Once a stage has been cleared it can be attacked again everyday for additional currency rewards. To do this a player needs to "Reset" back to stage 1 and then use the Blitz action which will auto complete each previously cleared stage every one minute (this costs no energy but can only be used once per day).

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