Samurai[edit | edit source]

Samurai are your units in the game. Every Samurai has 1 of the 15 class skills. 3-5 star Samurai have a passive skill and 5 star Samurai have an additional unique skill.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Each samurai can be evolved every 15 levels up to level 75. Each evolution requires a number of materials. See below for an indication how to acquire them.

Evo Cards: Evolution Cards are made from shards acquired from story mode boxes. These are also acquired from the store using gems.

Crystals: Purchased from the store using silver. Level 3 & 4 crystals require gems. You can also buy level 4 crystals with Courage (from Challenge Mode).

Class ingredients: One type of material per each of the 4 main classes. These are acquired from farming story mode maps.

Class Sigils: One type of material per each of the 4 main classes. These are acquired from farming story mode maps. They can also be purchased for silver in the store.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Samurai gain a fixed flat amount of base stats per level. Level 1-2 will grant the same base stats as level 29-30. This means it's far more effective to level up your lower level samurai first. Rarity of a Samurai does not increase experience required.

Samurai need a total of 421,614 Exp to reach level 60. See this spreadsheet of Exp needed for each level.

Samurai List[edit | edit source]

Click pictures for details of Samurai. See Samurai Stats for a sortable table of statistics.

Oda.pngHanbei.pngShingen.pngIeyasu.pngHojo.pngYoshi.pngToyotomi.pngUesugi.pngYukimura.pngDate.pngKamii.png Miyoshi.pngImagawa Yoshimoto.pngAzai.pngToshiie.pngChosokabe.pngKuroda.pngIzumo.pngHisahide.pngGamo.pngMiyamoto.pngSasaki.pngHToyotomi.pngNobunagaHThumb.pngMasamuneHThumb.pngKojiroSThumb.pngKennyo.pngKosaVThumb.pngAnjin.pngHChaCha.pngHonda.pngMori.pngFuma.pngSanada.pngKeiji.pngDosan.pngMatsu.pngRanmaru.pngJavier.pngYamagata.pngGracia.pngSasuke.pngDosetsu.pngSaika.pngKagekatsu.pngShigezane.pngKaihime.pngNohime.pngHozoin.pngYayosu.pngKansuke.pngChacha.pngNaoe.pngMuneshige.pngOichi.pngKoma.pngGinchiyo.pngShima.pngUkita.pngGo.pngOhatsu.pngSenhime.pngTakakage.pngHisamasa.pngYoshikata.pngTsunehisa.pngMotohar.pngRonin.pngNinja.pngSoldier.pngCavalry.pngGunner.pngArcher.png

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